Christmas in July typically means SALES at your local retailers. But here at the Winston Cup Museum, it means for you to start making plans for your upcoming holiday events. It’s not too early to start! Venues and caterers for corporate, neighborhood or social parties can get booked up before you know it.

Particularly if you hold an annual holiday party, each year brings the desire to make the event more memorable than the last. Everyone wants to have THE party that his/her friends and co-workers talk about for weeks after.

So here are some suggestions on how to make sure your holiday party outshines the others.

Pick a new venue

Tired of hosting the annual holiday party in your own home? We understand! Having the event in your home requires cleaning, food prep, dog-sitting…and possibly even getting your husband out to spruce up the front walkway. It can be a lot of work.

As well, perhaps you’ve used the same old hotel ballroom or restaurant for your holiday event. Ready for something different?

Selecting a new venue – where guests may not have been for a party – is one way for your event to outshine all the others they get invited to. Turnout is likely to be better if the venue is “new” to partygoers. Consider the following in choosing a venue:

  • Select a venue that is near the majority of attendees
  • Select a venue where attendees would enjoy themselves
  • Select a venue that is experienced in hosting similar events

Luckily, the Winston Cup Museum and Event Center checks off all the boxes! Not only can we handle the setup, food arrangements and décor…our venue has fun activities for your guests.

Pick a different time

Your party doesn’t have to be a dinner – it can be a brunch or a lunch.  There’s no wrong time for a holiday social!

Especially for office parties, experts suggest that the best time to hold a holiday party may actually be during the lunch hour. Trends indicate that more than 40% of corporate events occur during lunchtime…and for good reason. Attendance may be stronger as employees are not being asked to give up personal time to be a part of the festivities. As well, companies may be better able to control costs at lunch – meals are less expensive and if employees are going back to the office, companies may not need to serve alcohol, which can drive up costs. Even without alcoholic beverages, a holiday party can be fun and go beyond a simple meal (see the next tip).

Do something different

Particularly for strictly social events, you’ve got lots of options to make your holiday party a totally different experience than what people are used to. Forgo “Dirty Santa” or the white elephant gift exchange for something less expected.

If you’ve never been a “theme” person, go with a theme for your party…best ugly Christmas sweater, Christmas karaoke or one of these fun ideas. How about doing a trivia game night – something that even the most introverted guests can get excited about or participate in? For an office party, divide employees into teams and see who can construct the best (or craziest) gingerbread house. Provide all of the supplies and watch your co-workers get creative!

The possibilities are endless…thanks to the power of the internet. A few quick searches and you will find a cool, unique activity to make your party memorable.

Invite the kiddos

In some cases, leaving the kids at home with a sitter is the best option – and gives parents a night out with grown-ups. However, keep in mind that many people choose not to attend corporate holiday parties because they struggle to find a babysitter or can’t get the kids where they need to be during party hours. So consider making your holiday event kid-friendly (our museum is definitely kid-friendly). Have some events for the kids so the adults can socialize, and you just might get more participation from your guests.

So how can you follow all of our suggestions? By considering the Winston Cup Museum for your holiday event, of course! We believe in making holiday parties fun, exciting and as stress-free as possible. Our onsite event coordinator will help you with all the details from selecting a caterer, table decorations, providing onsite games like cornhole and giant Jenga, finding a DJ or live music – even a visit from Santa Claus. We truly have the experience necessary to throw a fun party! And you won’t have to lift a finger decorating (we do that part as well).

We’re already putting dates on the calendar for holiday parties – and we’d love to add yours!


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