Industry Hill: The Vision for Winston’s ‘Former City of Industry’

Our neighborhood is getting a new name – and many new “residents”. And Winston Cup Museum owner, Will Spencer has had a hand in it. Here’s a bit of background on Industry Hill a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for this up-and-coming area.

STEM and NASCAR: How They Go Together

NASCAR Racing – it’s a spectator sport, hobby for some, athletic endeavor for others. It’s what our museum is built around. And it may surprise you when we say it can help young people learn about math and science. It’s true. There is a correlation between NASCAR and...

Winston-Salem Holiday Events – Something for Everyone

The holidays are upon us...and Winston-Salem has no shortage of fun and festive activities planned throughout the month of December. The Winston Cup Museum gets to participate in an event that anyone can attend at no cost - the annual Jaycees Holiday Parade. We are...

Not to Be Missed: Winston-Salem Fashion Week

Winston-Salem Fashion Week (WSFW) may be one of the best-kept secrets in this town. But if Nikita Wallace and Winston Cup Museum owner, Christy Spencer have anything to do with it – it won’t for long. It is actually coming up on the fourth year for this fun event that...

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