Book Your Next Event at The Winston Cup Museum

After months of being closed due to a maintenance issue, we are happy to announce that everything is back in working order and that we are accepting reservations for private events! 

State of NASCAR Heading into the 2020 Season

The current state of NASCAR is a much-discussed topic. NASCAR race viewership has been in decline and written about for many, many years. What’s being done to reverse the decline – or at a minimum, stabilize it? And have the folks at the helm really made a positive...

On the lookout for Radar Brewing, Industry Hill’s Newest Neighbor

Industry Hill has a new neighbor opening its door soon….and the rest of the neighbors can’t wait, especially the Winston Cup Museum. Radar Brewing is set to welcome the public into its brewery by the end of the year. We caught up with the owners – no novices to the...

STEM and NASCAR: How They Go Together

NASCAR Racing – it’s a spectator sport, hobby for some, athletic endeavor for others. It’s what our museum is built around. And it may surprise you when we say it can help young people learn about math and science. It’s true. There is a correlation between NASCAR and...

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